Rever gives you points with every idea you complete. The more you advance your idea, the more points you get! Remember you win points with any idea you are part of, either as the owner, as a coach, or as a collaborator. 

During the creation of the Rev, you can get up to 39 points if all the options have been completed, and if your Coach validates the Rev, you can get 70 more points.

Relate. 16 points

  • Picture of the problem 1 point
  • What is the problem? 1 point
  • What is the idea? 1 point
  • What is the expected result? 1 point
  • Choose categories 12 points

Experiment. 6 points

  • Picture of the experiment 3 points
  • What did you do? 3 points

Verify. 5 points

  • Did the experiment work? 5 points
  • What did you learn? (if the experiment doesn't work) 4 points

Expand. 8 points

Picture of the final solution 3 points

What is the solution? 2 points

Where else can this be implemented? 2 points

Has this Rev been implemented? 1 point

Review. 4 points

What is the cost reduction? 1 point

What is the Investment? 1 point

How did you estimate the benefits? 1 point

How will this benefit the company? (if you select 1 or more) 12 points (This option is also found at the beginning in "Relate", this score was added at the beginning).

Implementing. 70 points

Once your coach validates your idea, you and your team will gain 70 more points for implementing it. 

Reimplement. 10 points

If a Rev already implemented is similar to yours, you can reimplement it at your site or area. 

Each reimplementation, you and your team will earn 10 points. The original Rev members will receive 10 extra points too.

Likes. 1 point 

Every like your Rev gets 1 point.

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