Rever gives you points with every idea you complete. The more you advance your idea, the more points you get! Remember you win points with any idea you are part of, either as the owner, the coach, or a collaborator. 

Relate. 4 points

The relate stage gives you 1 point for the image and 1 point for each question you answer. 

Experiment. 6 points

The experiment stage gives you 3 points for the image of your experiment and 3 more points for describing your test. 

Verify. 5 points

Regardless of your result, you will get 5 points for answering this question. Remember the key is to try until succeeding. 

Expand. 7 points

If your idea did not work, when you answer the learning question, you will win 4 points. 

If your idea has worked, get 2 points for answer each to expand the question and 3 points for the picture of this stage.

Review. 17 points

The Review stage has 7 questions, the Make sure you answer all of them to get all the points!

Implementing. 70 points

Once your idea is validated by your coach, you and your team will gain 70 more points for implementing it. 

Reimplement. 10 points

If a Rev already implemented is similar to yours, you can reimplement it at your site or area. 

With each reimplementation, you and your team will earn 10 points. The original Rev members will receive 10 extra points too.

Likes. 1 point 

If your coworkers like your idea, make sure they give you a like. Each one gives you an extra point! 

If you have any question regarding your score, just send us a message, and we will make sure to solve all your doubts! 

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