In addition to participating as a Coach in the ideas of your team, now you can validate them once they have been implemented. This will allow you to verify that the implementation is complete and review the impacts that will benefit the company.


  • Go to "My Revs"
  • Click on "Need validation" Here you will find all implemented Revs where you are as a Coach.
  • Choose the Rev, when you open it, it will send you directly to the summary of the idea, where you can verify and change the impacts if you wish or just validate it.
  • Once finished, the Rev will be labeled as Validated within "My Revs".


  • Locate the Rev that you wish to validate in the Ideas List.
  • Once inside, in the Review stage you can start the validation.
  • Mark the Rev as implemented and edit the benefits if required.
  • Done!, The Rev is completed and validated.

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