Each Rev generates value for the Organization, the Revs that generate economic impacts can now be validated by Financial Coaches.

What is Financial Validation?
It is the approval that is given to a Rev with economic impact, to have a more accurate and real amount of what is generating the idea implemented.

Who can be Financial Coaches?
Any person authorized by the Champion and the Organization may be 1 or more users, from the finance area or from any other area previously defined for this role.

How can I activate this role?
If you are Champion request it to the support area and we will gladly help you.

I am a Financial Coach, and I want to start with the validation of Revs

  • Once the Rev Coach has validated the idea, it goes on to the next status of "Financial Validation Pending."
  • Within Revstream, you can filter by pending Validation / Financial Validation.
  • Select each Rev that you want to validate.

Once inside the Rev, in its final stage, you will find a way to validate them in the following way:

Start the validation by clicking on start validation:

Confirm if the financial data was correct:

If you want to modify the economic impacts, mark NO as the validation and edit them, at the end save changes and mark as YES the final validation:

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