Use our web version and follow these instructions to launch your challenges:

  1. Enter Rever, go to the “Challenger” section.
  2. Fill in with the information: “Name of Challenge & Description”. Choose an image, you can use one of the gallery or your own.
  3. Choose the tags to select the users you want to engage in the challenge. If you want all areas to participate, just choose the Organization name. The more tags you add, the more areas will participate in Challenge. 
  4. Pick a date for the Challenge. Use the calendar to select start date & end date.
  5. Define rewards for the 3 first places in the Challenge (this is optional).
  6. Click on “Create Challenge” to launch it.

Remember that you can do some modifications in Challenges to extend the date, rewards or description.

For any inquiry, contact us on We are here to help you!

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