1. Use your company email

If you do not have email, ask your coach how to log in.

2. Click the button "New Rev"

3. Take a picture of your problem

Feel free to show us how the problem looks with a picture.
You can modify it with color pencils, text or emojis.

4. Write in a few words what your idea is about.

Write in a few words what your idea is about.

5. Choose your attributes and team

Select your Attributes, 1 Coach, Up 5 Collaborators and also 1 challenge (If your idea aligns with the current challenges).

6. Relate (Rever Cycle)

Describe the problem.
Explain what your idea is.
What result do you expect.

7. Experiment (Rever Cycle)

Make a simple experiment with whatever you have at hand...
You can draw it!

Take a picture and describe your proposal.

8. Verify (Rever Cycle)

Your experiment was successful?

9. Expand (Rever Cycle) 

Show a picture of what the final solution looks like.

Describe it and suggest where else it can be implemented.

10. Review (Rever Cycle) 

It´s time to evaluate the benefits of your idea.

Indicate if it is already implemented.

11. Review (Rever Cycle) 

Click to include the below:

  • Saved costs
  • New revenue
  • Investment of idea

12. Click on the main menu to see the list of Revs

You will be able to visualize all the ideas in which you participate in My Revs.

Click on Others to consult the ideas of your colleagues.

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