Within the sections of Rever web we have the Activity Board. It includes a filter to show specific areas and also a button to show the panel in full screen.
This board shows:

  1. Active challenges. It has the possibility to show between 1 and 5 active challenges, the board seeks to make visible to the users the challenges to participate. If there are no active challenges, this section will be empty.
  2. Top  Users and Top Coaches. Ordered from their Revscore and updated in real time, this table shows the 5 more participatory users. The profile picture of the users is displayed. If no one had any activity in the last 7 days, this section will be empty.
  3. Top ideas. Here are shown the ideas that have been updated during the last 7 days, it shows the 5 with higher scores. It shows the profile picture of the creator of the idea. If there are no ideas in the period, this section will be empty.

If you have doubts about the operation of the Activity Board or how you can take advantage of it to encourage the ideas generation in your organization, contact us. In Rever we want your organization to be successful!

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