Total points
The total points or All Time Points (ATP) are the sum of all the points you have won with the ideas in which you participate from the first day you joined Rever.

If you want to know more about how many points you can earn per idea, read our article How many points can I get for each Rev?

Where can I check my points?

In App.

You can check them when you enter the App in Start or in the Ranking section where you can see the full board of leaders.

On Web

You can see them below your name when entering Rever Web or entering your profile.

Your score on the Activity Board and DashBoard .

On the Activity Board the score shows only the points that you have earned in the last 7 days. This score is updated in real time.

For the Dashboard, the score is shown according to the selected period, it can be 1 week, this month, last month, etc. Regular users are separated from the Coaches so  the points competition is fairer.

If you have more questions just send us a message and we'll gladly explain more.

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