The Dashboard section allows you to visualize the activity on the platform and the results achieved. We have divided it into 3 sections: Revs, Economic Impact and Users.


In the 3 sections you will find a filter according to the tagsof your organization. Just select the group to consult and that's it! You will see the data of this tag only. If you add more than 1 tag, the filter will be applied to all the ideas and users that have ALL the tags, making the result more selective.


In the sections: Ideas and Users you will find a button that will allow you to download the Ideas Report and Users Report on your computer. The report will download the ideas generated in the period of time you have selected and that contain ALL the labels you have selected at that time.

In the image below we are selecting Ideas, the Production tag and the last 3 months. The report that we download will show us the revs created in the last 3 months with the Production tag.

In the next image we are selecting Revs , the USA tag and the current year. The report that we download will show us the ideas created in the last 3 months in the USA.

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