The Revstream has a search so you can find the ideas of your interest or chosen area. There are also filters so you can select the ideas of your interest. Finally, you can order them in different ways. You can make combinations of all these functions to have more useful information. Below you'll find the details of each one.


The search serves to identify ideas by:

  • Area. Select the area of interest to filter only the ideas that belong to this team. For the moment if you add more than 1 label, the behavior is to filter those ideas that have ALL the labels, not just some of them.
  • Idea description. Search keywords for ideas to filter by topics.


The filters are displayed to show three sections:

Filters for my ideas

  • Relevant to me. Show the ideas of your same area, this is the initial view whenever you access Rever.
  • Revs I've created. Show only the ideas that you have created
  • Revs I'm collaborating. With this you can see the ideas in which you collaborate.
  • Revs I'm coaching. This option is only shown to the coaches and lets you know what ideas you are supporting.
  • View all Revs. This option allows you to see all the content of your organization regardless of whether they belong to your area or not.

Filters by Rev. State

  • Any- Show all ideas regardless of their condition.
  • Implemented - Shows only those ideas that have already been implemented.
  • Learning- Shows ideas whose experiment has not been successful.
  • In progress - Display the ideas that are in process, this will facilitate you to follow up on the ideas of your team.
  • Ready to implement- Identify those ideas that have already been experienced and that only require a little help to be implemented.

By impact

For the ideas that have already reached the Review stage, it is possible to filter by the impact of the same. The categories correspond to the same ones of the questionnaire and are the following:

  • Any¬†
  • Cost reduction
  • New revenues
  • New ¬†products
  • Sustainability improvements
  • Capacity improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Defect reduction
  • Other improvements


You can order the ideas in the following way.

  • Recently updated. From the most recent modified ideas to the oldest.
  • Created (Newest First). From the most recently created ideas to the oldest.
  • Created (Oldest First). Sort the ideas of the oldest to the newest.
  • Most liked. From the most liked to the least liked.
  • By points. From the highest score to the lowest score.


You can filter by dates, displaying the calendar in the Revstream. This way you can work on the ideas created in the period you selected. Click on Apply to make your selection effective.

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