User registration is possible in the People section in Rever Web.

Part 1. Add the user.

  1. Use the Add Users button to display the window where you will write the user's email.

2. Register the user's name and click on the + button. When added, you can select if this user will be a coach or regular user. You can add more than one user in this window before sending the invitation, just use the + button to add each one.

3. Send the invitation and you're done! The person or persons you have added will receive an email to complete their registration. We invite you to share this guide on how to access Rever for the first time:  How do I login for the first time to Rever?

Part 2. User tags

Once you have added the user, you need to give him  the labels of the area, group and / or subgroup to which he belongs.

To do this you only need to select the user in the column of labels and you can add the labels that have already been established in your organization.

With these labels the ideas that each person believes will be linked to this group allowing you to filter the ideas and indicators of each area.

If you have any questions, we invite you to send us a message and we will gladly help you.

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