April 2019

Global attributes "Select all". A new filter inside of global attributes has been implemented to select all options where applicable. 

People section. Now this section shows in the profile menu. Here you can find and manage your users and add new members. Available for Coaches, Champions and administrators

Revstream global attributes search. Now you can filter by "Implemented Date" & "Created Date" on the global attribute search.

Date format at "Dashboard" - "Revs by Status". If you select "All time" now the date shows as Month and year. i. e. "Jan/2019"

Date format on Revs. Now the Revs on "Revstream". The creation date is by month and day. 

Rever Academy. The Rever Academy is a new section that will allow you to know and review topics about the implementation of Rever in your organization, as well as the basic concepts, through videos always available with clear and informative information.

March 2019

Coaches can be Collaborators in Revs. If you want to add a coach to a Rev but as Collaborator now you can do it. All Coaches are available as Coach or Collaborator for your Revs. 

Rev Condition. When a user is selected in "People" section and go to his or her profile you will find a "Rev condition" view. 

Sort by. New filter "By sort" has been implemented at Revstream to filter specific results.

Challenges. The "global attributes" has been implemented during the creation of challenges, now you can select the attributes for the challenge.

Rev View. The "global attributes" has been implemented Inside of the Revs, there are all the attributes selectable for changing. 

A Coach can add new users. Coaches now can add new users to Rever.

February 2019

Notifications of deleted Revs. If a Rev was deleted, all the team involved will be notified by email, web alerts and push notifications. 

January 2019

New Tag Structure. We create a new organizational structure within Rever, where all the Users, Revs, and Challenges have been classified under attributes within each business unit, country, site, and areas, in order to maintain a better visualization and functionality. 

New search bar. We have a new search bar with better features that gets clearer resulted by Revs, Users and Challenges. If the data you are looking for has results, it is thrown into each of these options. Available in Revstream, Users and Challenges section.

August 2018

Radar chart. Now the radar chart shows the Quality Improvement field for clarity. (Earlier it said Defect Reduction)

Excel reports. The reports that can be downloaded from Dashboard are now in an excel format that will facilitate reading.

July 2018

Filters by impact. Now you can filter by type of impact. If you want to identify ideas that impact security, savings or any category, you can do it.

 Mobile Improvements. We have fixed problems detected with the mobile App with user images, first login data and private ideas that were not loaded.

June 2018

Date of implementation. The ideas will have 3 date records: The creation, the Implementation and the Closing. The implementation date is recorded at the time the answer is clicked Yes to the question: Has your idea been implemented?

Revstream: See all or relevant Ideas. We have added two new filters to the Ideas List. If you select View all, you will see any idea generated in your organization. If you select Relevant Ideas for me, it will show you those ideas generated in the same area as you.

Likes. Now in the Revstream you can see who has given Like to each idea.

Rev separated by phases. Now on the Website you can easily identify each stage within an idea.

Create Challenge. Now when you create a challenge, the screen will change to the left side, we will allow the Challenge has been created successfully.

Notifications. We have fixed bugs that existed in Notifications and that prevented them from working correctly. We continue working on an existing problem to enable push notifications (those that come out when your phone is blocked), we will keep you informed.

Activity board with own url. Now when you select labels or tags on the activity board, a link is created that you can save it and always show the board with specific labels. It works great for screens!

Errors in indicators. We have corrected some texts and graphics that were incorrect in the indicators.

Permissions in App. We have solved the problems reported in the Mobile Application that generated closure of the application. We recommend you read this article to know more. 

May 2018

Ideas ready to implement. Now in App and Web in the review stage if your idea has not been implemented you can explain what you need so that it can be a reality. This will help your coach and supervisor of continuous improvement to be facilitators for you.

Job position in lists. Now on the Web, when you see the lists of collaborators you will be able to know what area they are and what their role is, this will facilitate the selection of your team.

See who gives like. For now only available on the web, you can see who has given Like to your ideas, as well as see the comments.

April 2018

Home. We have created a main section in App where you can see the active challenges and your score within Rever. From here you can start a new Rev.

Notifications. We have notifications in App and Web, and we also have solved reported problems. We are working on a next version, wait for it soon!

Downloadable reports. If you are a coach, on the web you can download reports from Dashboard section.

Search improvements. We have fixed problems reported with the search so now you must have a better experience.

New sections Indicators. We have added new information in indicators and we have separated it into 3 sections: Revs, Economic impact and Users, we invite you to know them!

Photos in comments. Now the photo of who made the comment is shown.

Themes. Now Web will show the logos of your company as well as a new color theme.

Revstream filters. We have changed the design of our filters in the List of Ideas, we hope you will facilitate the use in the search of your Revs.

Filters by tags. Available for coaches. In web you can now filter in the people section by tags. Remember that if you put more than one label in the filter, only the users that have ALL the labels will be displayed.

Block users. Available for Admin. We have enabled in the People section the switch to block a user who is no longer part of the company.

May 2019

Validate implemented revs as a Coach: Coaches are available now to validate all the implement Revs where they participated. 

Highlight Revs: Now the Coaches can Highlight the most relevant Revs.

Labels of Revs has been changed: The colors of the labels of the Rev status (In Progress, Ready to Implement, Implemented, Learned) has been changed. 

Print a Rev: The design of Print a rev has been changed, more friendly. 

Filters by highlight and validate Revs: You can filter Revs by Highlight and Validate. Also You can select the entire BU and go directly to filters as areas, without selecting a Site.

Implemented Revs in Dashboard: The total number of implemented Revs as per the filter you already selected is showing a result no matter the creation date, only the implemented date. 

Parent Attributes in filters: Now Parent Attributes are visible with all attributes (Parent and child).

New Status "Created" New users: The status of people section we have is "Joined", "pending" and "created", this new status will show you all the users as the first status. When you add a new user will appears as "created". You can filter by each status to get specific results. 

French and Portuguese Language: Available in Web and mobile. 

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