The Rever’s Activity Board is a space where companies can display the activity of all teams in the company on the app. Using the Activity Board, it will help Management Team create competition within teams and achieve great engagement and a continuous flow for idea generation. Rever currently has the digital version of this board, nevertheless we want to make an alternative for a physical space version. 

The activity Board has 4 sections:

  1. Company Logo
  2. Rever Logo
  3. Challenges Sections
  4. User and Idea Ranking

Follow these easy instructions, use the image above to help you build the Board:

  1. Enter the following link (Activity Board). 
  2. You’ll find the digital version of the Activity Board you’re building physically. On the Screen you’ll find the User and idea Ranking information and the Challenges section, we have to print them out.
  3. If you’re a Mac user, press command button + shift + 3. Using these commands, you’ll do 1 screenshot. If you’re a PC user, press the Print Screen button and do a screenshot. 
  4. Now paste this sheet on the board.
  5. Finally, print the logo of your company and Rever's. Paste Rever's on left superior area and yours on right superior area.

What is the Activity Board?

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