Throughout the training you'll do with the teams, you should make sure to communicate the following:

  • Rever is not just another tool, it's the tool the Directors and Managers are setting for centralizing continuous improvement efforts. Every user now has the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to generating ideas and test them.
  • The platform users will be using to capture ideas from this day on will be Rever through smartphones, tablets, and computers. 
  • Any strategy who needs special attention will be turned into challenges on the app.
  • Communicate to the coaches who users can reach out to whenever they're trying to implement their ideas.
  • Communicate the Follow-up and Recognition Systems.
  • If there are any other affiliates to the company participating, communicate to them they will be able to do the benchmark with each other soon. 

You can also support these efforts with communication material, you'll find it on the Marketing Kit.

What is the Marketing Kit?

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