Why is it important to do a deployment process?

The main reason why we do a deployment process is to accomplish little and constant wins.

Dividing the implementation of a new tool, work frame, or project is suggested so the process allows you to delimit your efforts in specific areas with specific problems and with a focus on change management with the people.

How should I do the deployment?

You'll first have to do 2 important points to begin the implementation.

  1. Identify your Sponsor: this person will approve the implementation, usually, this person has a strategic and key position inside the company (E.g: Director of Operations).
  2. Define a leader: this person will lead the project. He or She must have a big sense of leadership and vision, focusing efforts to achieve a successful implementation.

Once you have covered the two points previously listed, you'll be ready to start the three-phase implementation plan:

  1. Warm the engines: this is where we select our first area, training selected users and demonstrating quick wins within specific challenges.
  2. Ramp-Up: this phase has a strong focus on the communication campaign and pieces of training to different levels so that changes happen throughout the organization with a progressive adoption.
  3. Institutionalisation: change and adoption go through the learning curve and turns into a sustainable effort.

We are convinced that a successful deployment en each phase will give as a result a successful transformation.

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