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When should I contact customer support for Rever?

ALWAYS! If you have any questions, issues, suggestions, or comments.
We love to hear from you and will be very glad to learn more about your experience with Rever. 

Where can I find more information about the platform and how to capture ideas?

You are in the right place! If you are reading this is because you have reached our Help Center. Here you will be able to find articles about our Web and mobile applications, step by step guides on how to do things and answers to the most frequent questions.  

If you have not found what you need or are not sure of where to start, send us a message.

How can I contact Customer Support?

You can use any of the following channels:

      - Email

        Just send us a message to support@reverscore.com

     - App or Web Messenger. 

        Send us a message while you navigate our platform. 

        In the App find us in the Help section from the main menu. 

On the Web, you will find the messenger in the down right corner of the site. 

Service Standards

  • All questions are answered. Send your message with the confidence you will receive an answer! 

  • Our service is available from 9 am to 5 pm CST. If you send a message out of this time, we will do our best to give you a quick reply. 

  • Messages received inside the platform within service hours will receive a first reply during the first hour of receiving. Usually, we answer in a few minutes, so be patient if we don't, we will reply as soon as we can. 

  • Emails sent to support@reverscore.com will receive a reply on the same day of receiving. If the message is received outside our service hours, we will reply before the end of the next working day. 

  • Rate our service at the end of each conversation. This is very important for us as it helps us maintain and improve our service. We want to give you the best possible attention so you can achieve great changes with your ideas! 

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