• Go to Challenges
  • Click on Create New Challenge button
  • Define the Challenge attributes; these are already predetermined and are inherited from your profile attributes; you can change them if you want.
  • Name your Challenge.
  • Select the category to which your Challenge belongs.
  • Choose the valid date of the Challenge.
  • If your Challenge is aligned to a KPI or company goal, you can add it.
  • Now, add a description that details what the Challenge is for its best use.
  • If your Challenge has some recognition or award, you can put them in "Awards."
  • Finally click on create and done, now your Challenge will be visible on the site where you launched it, and any user who wants to create a Rev will have the option to add it to it.

Remember that you can do some modifications in Challenges to extend the date, rewards, or description.


You can also launch Challenges in the mobile application, follow these simple steps to carry it out:

  • Enter to Challenges in the main menu.
  • Once inside, select the "Challenge" option.
  • As on the Web, fill the categories and click on Create.

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