Rever version

  • Please verify the latest version of the App is updated.

The simplest way to do this is to go to your Store (App Store on iOS and Play Store on Android), search "Reverscore" or "Rever Inc," and see if the update button is displayed. If so, we invite you to update your application; if you only see the Open button, then you have installed the latest version.

Versions required

Although we would love Rever to work on any device, (yes, even the first Nokia that was eternal!), Our platform requires certain versions to work. The mobile application can be installed on any Android or Apple model within the following range of versions.

 Android platform

  • Minimum Compatible version: 6.x - Marshmallow

 IOS platform

  • Minimum Compatible version: 12.2

*If you have a problem with your device, contact us, we can help you!


Rever requires two permissions to work correctly:

  • Access to the camera

  • Access to the storage

If you have not granted these permissions, you will have a limited operation of the application. To know if the application has the appropriate permissions check the following configurations in your phone settings.


Go to Settings > Apps > Rever > Permissions. Active


Go to Settings > Apps > Rever > Permissions. Active

Internet connection

If your mobile device is connected to WiFi or Cellular Data, but the connection is unstable, you may experience problems such as slowness or content without updating in the application. If you are capturing an idea, we recommend you to disconnect your phone from the internet while winning it and connect it once you are in a place with a stable network. This will facilitate your capture and upload of data to our server.


If the application is very slow, and the internet does not seem to be the cause, you may have many applications running simultaneously. We recommend closing them before going back to Rever; this will help you improve the operation and capture your ideas faster.

Other problems

Any other strange situation that you present on your mobile device tells us! We are ready to help you so you can capture your ideas without any problem.

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