The Activity Board shows you those Users with the highest participation in the platform, whether they have created Revs or participated in them as collaborators, likewise you will find the Coaches with the highest activity score in Ideas. You will also find the best Improvement Ideas Revs and Active Challenges within your Site. This section on the web shows you the activity of the last seven days in real-time, according to the attributes assigned and the score that each User, Coach, and Improvement Idea has.

This board shows:

  • Top  Users: The 5 Users with the highest score.
  • Top  Coaches. Top 5 of Coaches with the highest score. If no Coaches had any activity in the last seven days, this section would be empty.
  • Top ideas. Top 5 of Improvement Ideas that have been updated in the last seven days with the highest score. If there are no ideas in the period, this section will be empty.
  • Active Challenges. It can show between 1 and 10 Active Challenges. This section seeks to make visible to the users the challenges where they can participate. If there are no Active Challenges, this section will be empty.

If you have doubts about the operation of the Activity Board or how you can take advantage of it to encourage the Revs generation in your organization, contact us.
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