A Challenge is a way to crowdsource ideas and generate Rev activity around a specific business challenge or initiative(s).

Champions and a Coaches can launch a Challenge when there is a need to fix a specific problem, align to strategic priorities, and engage everyone within a team or organization.

We recommend launching Challenges at least every month so that users are consistently aware of organizational goals and how their work directly contributes to business success.

An example of Challenges include:

  • Identify unsafe conditions in your work area to reduce health and safety incidents by 10%
  • Increase customer satisfaction by 5% during the first quarter of the year
  • Reduce water consumption during the cooling stage by 20%

The Challenges are aggregated in the Challenges tab within the Rever platform. Within the Challenges tab, users can see Active and Completed Challenges for reference.

Users can link a Rev, either an Improvement Idea, Problem Solving, or Quick Action to any Active Challenge.

If you want to learn more how to participate in a Challenge, click here:

If you are a Coach or Champion and want to learn how to create a Challenge, click here:

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