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What is a Challenge?

Create a Challenge

Edit, Share, or Delete a Challenge

Add a Rev to a Challenge

Participate in a Challenges

What is a Challenge?

Challenges are useful in aligning all members of the company to focus on a specific problem, focusing on strategic priorities, and engage the support of everyone within the team. Only Admins and Coaches can launch Challenges.

We recommend launching Challenges every month to ensure that all Users are aware of goals and how work directly contributes to business success.

Here are some Challenge examples:

  • Identify unsafe conditions in your work area to reduce health and safety incidents by 10%

  • Increase customer satisfaction by 5% during the first quarter of the year

  • Reduce water consumption during the stage of cooling by 20%

Create a Challenge


  • Go to the Challenges section

  • Click on the Create button

  • Define the Challenge attributes; these are already predetermined and are inherited from your profile attributes; you can change them if you want.

  • Name your Challenge.

  • Select the category your Challenge belongs to.

  • Choose the start date and set a duration period.

  • If your Challenge aligns with a KPI or company goal, add it under KPI.

  • Describe the details of the Challenge in the Description

  • In "Rewards," you can describe any applicable prizes that apply to your Challenge.

  • Finally, click on create. Your Challenge will now be visible on the Site where you launched it and any user on that Site may create Revs for that Challenge.


  • Click on Challenge in the main menu

  • Select the "Challenge" option

  • Fill all the categories and click on Create

Edit, Share, or Delete a Challenge


  1. Open your Challenge

  2. Click on the pencil icon if you want to edit your Challenge

  3. Click on the main menu if you want to Share or Remove the Challenge

Note: You cannot delete a Challenge if it contains Revs. First, you need to remove those Revs so you can remove them.



  1. Open your Challenge

  2. Click on the main menu

  3. Select Edit or Delete the Rev

Add a Rev to a Challenge


  1. Open your Rev

  2. Click on the pencil icon to edit

  3. Go to the "About" section

  4. Click on "Add Challenge"

  5. Select the challenge

  6. Click "Save"


  1. Click on the Rev

  2. Access to the main menu

  3. Choose the "Challenge"

  4. Click "Save"

Participate in a Challenges

If you create a Rev that can apply to any of your organization's active Challenges, follow these steps.


  1. Go to the Challenges section

  2. Select an active Challenge

  3. Click on the "Create" button

  4. Select the Rev you want to create, Improvement Idea, Quick Action, or Problem Solving.

  5. Start with your Rev creation


  1. Go to the main menu of the app and select the search icon

  2. Click on "Challenges"

  3. Tap "Add new Rev"

  4. Select Improvement Idea or Problem Solving

  5. Start creating your Rev, automatically will be linked to the selected Challenge

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