If you want to know your ideas, both in App and Web it is possible through the Rev Stream section.


In the App, you can see your Revs (My Revs), your colleagues' (Others) and the reimplemented (Reimp). Use the button on the right corner to sort by ...

  • Recently modified (By default)
  • Recently created
  • Score
  • Votes (Likes)

... Or filter by:

  • Open Revs
  • I collaborate
  • Need collaborators
  • In challenge
  • Revs I Coach


On the Web you can use the first Filter "Revs" to see:

  • Relevant to me: Here you'll filtrate all the ideas Rever suggests are relevant to you because of the similarity between areas, sites, or other tags.
  •  Revs I've created:  Here you can find the ideas that you have created.
  • Revs I'm collaborating: Do you want to know what ideas are you helping your colleagues with? This is the place!
  • Revs I'm Coaching: This option lets you see the Rev in which you are Coach.
  • View all Revs: No tags, no filters. If you select this option, you'll see every idea in your organization.

In the five sections, the ideas are arranged from the most recently modified to the oldest for default.

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