The ideas reports in spreadsheet format contain all the information contained in each one of the Ideas generated in your organization, so you can have visibility on what was created by the collaborators.

Below is the list of report columns with their definition of content.

  • Id (Column A) → Identity number of the idea, this ID will not be modified even if it changes the title or any field of the idea.
  • Link (Column B) → If you want to review the idea within our platform, click on this link to see it.
  • Name of the Idea (Column C) → This is the title of the idea
  • State of the Rev (Column D) → The current status of the idea. If you want to know more about the meaning of each status read What does the state of each Idea in the report means?
  • Idea Score (Column S) → This column shows you the number of points that the idea has accumulated up to the time of the report. If you want to know how the points are counted, read How many points can each idea give me?
  • Like (Column T) → Number of Likes that have received the idea since it's creation.
  • The Number of comments (Column U) → Number of comments that the idea has received, to read the comments use the link that will take you to the idea.
  • Challenge to which the idea belongs (Column V) → If the Rev is part of a challenge, this column will tell you which one. If it is empty, it is because the Rev does not belong to any of the existing challenges.
  • Date of creation (Column W) → This is the date on which the Rev was created on our platform, it is generated automatically and no user has a way to manipulate it.
  • Closing date (Column X) → This column is generated when the user clicks on completing this Rev in the Review stage. This date indicates the time at which the user has completed the Rever cycle.
  • Position of the owner of the idea (Column Y) → The role of the owner of the idea within the platform is reported in this field.
  • Tags (Column Z) → Tags are shown in this column separated by commas. All organizations have a default tag with their name and all existing tags defined by the organization.
  • Fields of the Rev (Columns AA-AY) → In these columns one by one, the answers to all the fields of the Rever cycle are shown, excluding the photographs. Here you will find the answers to each of the questions of Relate, Experiment, Verify, Expand, and the questions of the Review stage, where the most important is whether the idea has been implemented or not.

If you have any doubt about any of these fields or would like assistance to analyze the information of these reports, do not hesitate to send us a message and we will gladly help you.

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