All ideas within Rever have a status that changes according to the Rever Cycle.

Below we show you each of the possible status and their definition:

  • Captured The idea was captured with title and image of the problem but the Rever cycle has not been started so it is already registered as an idea to be completed.
  • Relate If the idea is in the Relate stage and one of the fields has not been completed, it will be shown with this status.
  • Experiment Upon completion of the Relate stage the idea has to be experimented. Until the fields are completed, Experiment will be the state of the Rev.
  • Verify In this state you will find all the ideas that has answered the question if the experiment has worked as expected or not.
  • Expand If the idea has already been verified, it is in the expansion stage. Here are all the ideas that require information on where else to implement and what is the final solution.
  • Review This status will be displayed for all ideas that reach the Review questionnaire, regardless of the number of questions answered. If the idea is completed with any question without answering the status will remain as Review.
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