The User Activity reports in spreadsheet format summarize the activity of each of the registered users in your organization.

Next, we show you the definition of each data shown by columns:

  • Name (Column A) → Name of the registered user.
  • Email (Column B) → User's email.
  • Revs as Owner (Column C) → Total ideas captured as owner.
  • Revs as Coach (Column D) → Total ideas where the user is the coach.
  • Revs as Collaborator (Column E) → Total ideas where the user participates without being owner or coach.
  • Revs Total (Column F) → Total ideas in which the user participates in any role.
  • Revs Implemented As Owner (Column G) → Ideas that have been implemented as owner.
  • Total Revs Implemented (Column H) → Total ideas in which the user participates that have been completed.
  • ReverScore (Column I) → Score of the last 30 days of the user.
  • All-Time Points (Column J) → Cumulative user score from the first entry to Rever until the day of the report.

    If you want to know more, read what the difference between the Rever score and the Total Points is?
  • Is Coach (Column K) → Column that indicates whether the user is a coach or not within the platform.
  • Tags or Labels (Column L) → Labels are shown in this column separated by commas. All organizations have a default tag with their name and all existing tags defined by the organization.
  • Generation Date (Column M) → Date of the generation of the User Activity report.
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