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The Stream is the place where all the ideas live; the Home of the Revs. You will see all your Revs and those of your team and colleagues here. You have different options to play; filter by specific attributes, criteria, search, sort, open, view as list or cards, etc.

The default showed list is according to your attributes.


You have the option to choose different filters to reach your most specific Revs.

Even, you can Filter by Group - Click here to learn more

Sort by

Once you have selected your Revs, you can sort the results obtained as follows:

View Revs as

If you want to see all the Revs as a list or as a card view, please select the below options:

Start creating a Rev

If you want to start creating ideas, please click below to learn more:

Improvement Idea Rev

Quick Action Rev

Problem Solving Rev


An exclusive space for all the challenges created in your organization. Here you can access the Challenges and build your Revs linked to them. If you are a Coach or Administrator, you can create new specific Challenges and motivate all collaborators to create their Revs.

You can filter them by specific attributes and status. The default showed list is according to your attributes. FInd more here.


Insights are Rever’s reporting and data analytics features. Get data insights for tracking the activity, performance, and impact of your Operational Excellence programs.

Click on the below intelligent dashboards available in Insights to get more information:


In the Rever Academy section, you will find a series of videos that allow you to learn or review everything related to Rever's implementation within your organization.

Click here to learn more

Help Center

In our Help Center section, you will find guides in a simple, clear, and helpful way on using Rever.

All the necessary information on the usability of Rever, with images and simple steps to use Rever

Click here to learn more

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