In our help center page, you will find simple guides on how to use Rever along with answers to frequently asked questions about our solution.

The main sections to learn how to navigate in the platform are the following:

    1. Rever Platform

Here you will find everything related to our mobile and web App, how to create ideas, participate in challenges, the points you can earn, and the most common questions.

    2. Rever Administration Tools

In this section, you will find the guides for coaches and program managers. Here you can find reports detailed, indicators, and other data that will help you to follow up on the ideas of your organization.

    3. Rever Updates and News

Find out the updates and New features about our platform, as well as the most relevant news.

Oh! Please don't forget it, if you don't find the answer to your question on the Help Center, you can always send us a message, and we will help you. We are here to support you and create magic with your ideas.

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