September 2021

  • Create Digital Checklist in Routines; these are the most important releases or changes that you will find:

    • Now, we have three steps to complete the Routine creation: Routine Setup > Create a Checklist > Confirmation

    • The Digital Checklist can be configured in the Routine definition

    • Checklists can be used in the Routine execution

    • There is a new Routine type available called Communication (primarily for cases like their daily standup Routines, Management Ops meetings, or any other Routine that impacts the organizational communication)

    • New tab on Routine Xls report to extract Checklist answers (Two tabs: Routine Executions and Findings)

    • Routine executions can be deleted (Including the Findings related to this) by the Routine Manager

    • Tags can be filtered in the Routine definition by the assignees

    • More users will be able to add Findings to a single execution

    • Findings can be created, edited, and deleted with any status of the execution

August 2021


  • The new Mentions feature in Comments is now available for Web and Mobile. You can mention your colleagues using @name and they will receive a notification so they can see that comment.

    The “Mentions” notifications are:

    • Inside notification (Bell icon) - Web and Mobile

    • Push notification - Mobile devices (Lock screen, Notification Center, Banner)

    • Alert new notification (top right corner) - Web

    • Email notification

July 2021


  • We have released a new version to production that includes "Time Impact" in all the Revs (Improvement Idea, Quick Action, Problem Solving).

  • Update translate comment button UI (move to the bottom of the card) and translate languages too.

  • Fix Routine Definition Legacy Links

  • Some Bug Fixes for Routines Section, Financial Validation, People Section, Login Access,

June 2021

WEB and Mobile

  • New Feature Beta 1.1 it’s ready in Production.

May 2021


  • We've released the new Due Date field for all the Revs (Improvement Idea, Quick Action, Problem Solving) to Production.

  • Enhanced: People Section

    • Deleted users can now be reactivated from the people section; available for Site and Org admins.

    • Also, deleted Users from the global search engine appear with a tag of "Deactivated," status just like their profile.

    • A slight visual change on the menu of actions for the Users. With a three vertical points menu, you can edit the account, reset the password, and deactivate it.

  • Fixed Bug: Validations for Coaches

  • Activate teams across your organization and empower team leaders to drive performance in their teams

  • More images for Revs: Now you can add up to 5 photos in each of the stages of your Rev


  • We've released the new Due Date field for all the Revs (Improvement Idea, Quick Action, Problem Solving) to Production.

  • More images for Revs: Now you can add up to 5 photos in each of the stages of your Rev

April 2021


  • New reports available in the Insights section: Challenges and Site Tags

March 2021


  • New filter by "Situation Types" added to the Stream

  • Bug fixing on the Profile section, Filters, and Share a Rev

  • New Beta Version 1.0 feature is ready

  • Some improvements on the DMAIC flow of Problem Solving Revs

February 2021


  • Improvements on the excel reports for the Insights section

  • The DMAIC name is now on all phases of the Problem Solving Rev New name (to match with DMAIC methodology) Define, Mesure, Analyze, Improve/Control, Review

  • The new Measure phase (previously on the Define tab) includes a new image field (add image) for PS

  • 5W2H and Gaps tools are visible now in view mode (you don't need to be part of the team) for PS

  • The revenue field has been added in the Review phase for PS

  • Site attributes are now visible in the print version for PS

  • Organizations admins can now edit the Type of Cycle (REVER or PDCA) in the “Personalization” at the Organization Settings

  • Quick Action print has also the site attributes visible

  • Now, the "Mark as Completed" switch in the Improvement Idea Rev is ready in Production.

  • Improvements In the User's Profile

  • New Category "Bhavioral-based Safety" has been added to the Categories options for all the organizations.

  • New Situation Types “Quality defects” is ready, which includes: Appearance, Function, Loose, Missing, Mutilation, Noise, Wrong Option Seat, Wrong Part.


  • Improvements In the User's Profile

  • New Category "Bhavioral-based Safety" has been added to the Categories options for all the organizations.

  • New Situation Types “Quality defects” is ready, which includes: Appearance, Function, Loose, Missing, Mutilation, Noise, Wrong Option Seat, Wrong Part.

January 2021


  • New report available in the Insights section: Financial Report

  • Our titles of each section are back when you open them (Revstream, Challenges, Insights, Academy)

  • A soft flow on all the dropdown menus (minimum visual change)

  • Better image and flow between the Revs stages (lines at the bottom of the selected stage). Also, for the validation section of the Rev.

  • The confirmation button of deleting a comment or a Rev is consistent.

  • Filter by Groups: Now available for all organizations but only can be created by the organization admins. With “Groups,” Org admins can create different groups according to the location and attributes they want and can be visible and selected by all users.

  • Org Permissions: Organization Admins now can give "Site Admin and BU Admin" permissions in the People section of their Organization.

  • More characters in Improvement Idea Revs: Before 140 characters - now 420 characters (Relate, Experiment, Expand)

  • Edit (Pencil Icon) on the Challenge View has been added.

  • Some Bug fixing on the Status “Completed” and “Validated” on the view cards.


  • Filter by Groups: Now available for all organizations but only can be created by the organization admins. With “Groups,” Org admins can create different groups according to the location and attributes they want and can be visible and selected by all users.

December 2020


  • Users report is live in Insights: Better than user activity, with this report, you can filter users by BU, Country, Sites, Areas, and Challenges. Select if you want to view Users by Created Revs, by Completed Revs, or by Economic Impacts, and choose your favorite top between 5, 10, 15, or 20. Print those views or download a report.

  • Overview and Global report now show the data of the economic impacts captured in those Revs.

  • New modal to add or remove Challenges from your Rev without clicking on the edit icon: Now, you can select your Challenge directly in the "About Section". If you want to remove it, just click on the "X" option; a confirming message will show up to complete the action.

  • Improvements in the results of Users attributes

  • Learned status applied to Revs in this position

  • Bug fixing with Challenges report of Last 3 months criteria

  • We say goodbye to Dashboard and Insights, from this moment, we welcome Insights; all the functionalities that were previously in those sections are now available in Insights.

  • User's report: Now, you can filter your preferred top by Score

  • Problem Solving/DMAIC is now available; all the new Revs will be ready with the new functionality and features with DMAIC.

  • Improvements on the searching bar inside of Revs for Coaches and team members

  • Rever Admin (internal only) improvements on the Organizations settings


  • Improvements in Challenges

  • Improvements on the searching bar inside of Revs for Coaches and team members

November 2020


  • New global Report in Insights: A breakdown of Active Users, Created Revs, Completed Revs, Validated Economic Impacts, Challenges, and more. You can filter it by Business Unit, Country, or specific Sites.

  • Validations for Quick Action and Problem Solving Revs: Now, all Revs, including Quick Actions and Problem Solving, that have been completed can be validated by the Coach. That includes financial validation by the financial Coach. Available from both the web version or mobile app.

  • List view in the Stream: If you want to view the Revs in list form, now you can. Select between "View as cards" or "View as list."

  • A new "Security" category for your Revs: Add this new category to classify Revs related to the security of your Organization.

  • Filter Revs by Priority: If you have marked Revs according to their priority; now, you can filter by Rev Priority from the Stream.

  • Select all in filters: You can now select all your Business Units, Countries, and Sites with a single click.

  • Improvements in Challenges

  • Admins improvements: Org admin, BU admin, and Site admins can edit Challenges in completed status


  • Validations for Quick Action and Problem Solving Revs: Now, all Revs, including Quick Actions and Problem Solving, that have been completed can be validated by the Coach. That includes financial validation by the financial Coach. Available from both the web version or mobile app.

October 2020


  • New Overview report launch in Insights with Revs, Challenges, and Users breakdown

  • New Problem Solving report in Insights

  • Downloadable reports on the Dashboard section has been improved.

  • Improvements in the People and Organization section for Rever Admins.

  • Job position added to Mixpanel

  • Challenges Notifications improvements

  • Right validated vs potential impact in Insights improvements

  • Problem Solving and Quick actions adjustments

  • New internal Migrations section for Rever admins

Fixed Bugs

  • Currency in the "Review" phase of the Revs

  • Some fixes on the filters of the Strean

  • Total Score fix on the profiles

  • Rever admin fixes


  • Challenges Notifications improvements

Fixed Bugs

  • Deleted Revs on the Rev list

  • Quick Action Review phase is now working correctly

September 2020



Totally new experience when starting up the mobile app is ready. Simplified layout, smoother flows, and a friendlier interaction that will let you access your information faster and easier.

Active Revs and Challenges, One-click Revs/Challenges creation, and Quick access to Validations (coaches).


A feature that will allow the Product team to enable tours and display information on mobile platforms.


Insights: Insights version 2.0

  • Overview Report: Allows you to know the total of Revs by category, Challenges, and Active Users.

  • Improvement Idea and Quick Action Reports: Gives you the total amount of Revs and compares with the previous period; it gives you the trends of Revs by areas, Revs created timeline graphs, Revs by categories, tables of Completion Ideas, and one more of Economic Impacts. Call to actions regarding those results, downloadables reports, and printing boards.


Rever's built-in Webhooks is a way to receive automated data updates to your server(s) and data systems. Think of them as subscribing to an automated message system that informs your systems when an event happens in your Rever platform.
With Webhooks, you determine what to do with that data as it depends on your use case and system.

New Deployment Plan

New link page of Pilot Deployment Plan and Deployment Plan pages are ready for Customer Success Team.

Organization Settings

Improvements in the Organization settings section

  • Domains section for Org admins

  • Manage categories per organization

  • Manage situation type per organization


Tour for create Rev when the Organization has only one flow of Rev.

New Customers Sign Up

A new link has been created and activated for all new customers that require an Essential account.

Rev Print

Now, all the print version of the Revs has the Logo of the Company in case they have it.


The options of the location filters are in alphabetical order.

Some Bugs Fixed:

  • Initially points during the creation of a Rev

  • Validations on the Rev creation for Coaches

  • Validations for Admins

  • Photo editor in Android devices

  • Fix inconsistency between on the category question in all kind of revs

August 2020


Quick Actions

  • New Situation Type “Quality Near Miss” added for Quick Actions

Self Register

  • The new launch of "Self-register" for new and potential customers allows them to create their Essentials account in Rever


  • Validations are now only available for the Coach assigned to the Rev

Priority section

  • Allow users to remove the priority

Site Settings

  • User menu option for org settings or site settings

  • The Currency option is now available in “Site Settings” for Site, BU, and Org Admins

  • Site Settings it’s even better, now, a new button of “Discard Changes” has been added, also, if you leave the section, a new message is warning you about that the changes will be lost

  • Prevent leave msg without saving on the site settings

  • A new view of the menu

Problem Solving

  • “Containment and goals” in “Problem Analysis” of Problem Solving have the availability to fill both options: Develop a containment plan and Set specific goals


  • Humanizing dates and times for Revs dates

  • Review/update ranges and filters for economic impact

  • The list of collaborators in a Rev is showing by default from others BU (Creation of a Rev)


  • Adjust User Report to show a breakdown by Rev type

  • Increase the “Waiting time” for “Downloadable Reports” in the Dashboard to two minutes. Sometimes the report stopped if it contains a lot of information, the waiting message was increased up to 2 minutes to give more time to download it if required

  • User Report fix and improvement


  • Notifications are now sent in the site Language where the User belongs


  • Login improvements (Fields in forms appear with background red when having an invalid value)

Activity Board

  • Activity Board now shows the top Coaches with the cumulative points where he or she has been added on the Revs


  • Icon list widget


  • Filters remaining when you click on a Rev and go back to the Stream

Validation section

  • We enable a new filter option of “Economic Impacts” in the Validation section to identify and filter all those Revs with financial impacts


Quick Actions

  • New Situation Type “Quality Near Miss” added for Quick Actions

Priority section

  • Allow users to remove the priority


  • Humanizing dates and times for Revs dates


  • Enable ADMINs can edit/remove challenges of their domain

  • Fetch challenges and add pagination in rev settings


  • Notifications improvements

July 2020



  • If you click on a Rev, a new tab will open


  • Revs and economic impact are now only visible for Organizations with Improvement Idea Revs available

  • A new description in the Dashboard of the information is shown about only Improvement idea

Quick Action Revs:

  • Improvements in the Situations Types selection in Quick Action

  • Improvements on the header of the title

Problem Solving Revs:

  • Increased Characters in Problem Solving Revs (280 Characters)

  • Improvements on the header of the title.

Improvement Idea Revs:

  • Improvements, only the added Coaches can validate the Rev.

Download Reports:

  • Priority selection for Quick Actions, Problems Solving, and Improvement Idea are available on the Excel Reports


  • Improvements in the creation of Challenges MultiSites and the Objectives

  • The create button in a Challenge has been aligned with the tittle

  • The description is a mandatory field to create a Challenge


  • Improvements in Academy section (Academy lessons now have their own URL available to share them)

  • Academy videos are now publicly available

Rever Administrator:

  • General improvements


  • The validations section is not available for regular Users, Only Coaches, and Champions.


  • Improvements in notes



  • New Offline functionality for Improvement Idea and Quick Action Revs.


Chat Service:

  • Disable/enable intercom chat for some organizations

June 2020



  • A new improved search bar experience

  • Now, Challenges are available at the BU level

  • Academy is available for all users on the Web

  • Improvements in Challenges

  • New design for tabs and revs list in the Dashboard section

  • Improvements on the birthday date selection

  • Standardize user creation fields (name and last name)

  • Add Objectives in Challenges

  • Multi-BU view for challenges

  • Indicators for "Validated", "Financially Validated" and "Highlighted" Revs on Stream

  • Automatic validation when the Rev has No Coach (owner is coach, Site admin, and BU admin, and the Rev has no Coach selected)

  • New section "Site Settings" available for Site Admins, BU Admins, Org Admins

Site Settings:

- Site name

- Language

- Timezone

- Objectives

Profile - Site Settings - Go to Site settings - Edit

  • Now, Revs have the Completed, Created, and Validated Date on the “About” view.

  • New Priority selection for Revs: Low, Medium, High

  • "Completed date" and "Points" added in the downloadable reports of Quick Action and Problem Solving

  • Now, a new settings categories section to able or disable them is active to edit for admins

  • If a Coach is the owner of a Rev, it allows them to edit the validation in case the Rev is already validated

  • New improvements in Organization Section for Rever Admins

  • When a coach is the owner of a Rev, mark it as implemented, the Rev will be validated automatically, so the status on Rev view should reflect the change

  • The “Global Report” name in the Dashboard has changed to “Improvement Idea Report”

  • Users Report: Separate points as Author, Collaborator and as Coach


  • Improvements on the language selector

  • Improvements in People search

  • Improvements in Challenges

  • Improvements in the birthday selector

  • Improvements on the Print Rev

  • Improvements in the comments section

  • The position of the notifications are now aligned

  • "Sort by" button is dropdown in the Stream is now aligned

  • Fix bad aligned in objectives Pop-Over

  • Same design button to create Revs and create Challenges

  • Improvements in the Activity Board

  • Buttons on the Stream, Challenges, login, etc. are changed to appears more active buttons

  • Improvements on the images loaded in Revs

  • Improvements for Attributes: Areas and Others on the filters at the Stream

  • "Created At" field in Quick Action .xls report is showing correct information

  • Improvements in validations table

  • Improvements on the page of the Revs that are no longer available anymore



  • Now you can edit Challenges from Mobile

  • Update categories on Revs and challenges to take based on site

  • Creation dates Keys now available for mobile devices

  • If a Champion creates a Challenge, a new empty state will appear on the creation

  • Now, Priority selection for all Revs: High, Medium, Low

  • Avoid editing when II is validated

  • If a Rev has been validated a new label will show on “About” of the Rev.


  • Improvements for Coaches Revs counter

  • Improvements in fonts colors for iOS

  • "Undefined" Coaches in mobile when they are as "Created" status were fixed

  • Problem Solving Revs and Quick Action Revs are available for creation from Challenges

  • Improvements on the filters

  • Improvements on the Weekly reports

  • Improvements in Revs

  • Improvements in Validations

  • Improvements in the offline mode

  • Improvements in the profile update

  • Improvements in the Rev status tags for mobile and web

May 2020



  • Quick Action Print Version: Quick Action Print is ready on the Web.

  • Admins: The job Position title is now available for Admins when they create new Users.

  • Challenges notifications: Now, you can open the notifications of comments in Challenges from your mobile device

  • Insights: Enable Insights Beta

  • Image Storage with Third-party services: Now we have the possibility of storing the images on another server. At the moment, we can do it using Microsoft Azure.

  • Standardize category selector in all Revs: Now, all the Revs have the same selector for Categories

  • Quick Action Attachments are available on the Web

  • Problem Solving Attachments are available on the Web

  • Adjust duration options in Academy

  • If users want to enable or disable the Weekly Summary, they can now do it from their profile

  • Enable on the organization settings page: This option means that the images are stored on a storage service that is compatible with AWS S3 and under the customer’s control. The software we use to support this is called To enable this the customer needs to do several things like installing on their servers, creating a bucket, and setting the credentials on Rever. When selecting this option, we display a set of extra options that the user needs to fill in. This option will not work out of the box and works with any authentication type.

  • Enable on the organization settings page

  • Show terms & conditions link based on an organization

  • Users created without last name appears as “Null”: Instead of “Null” the option will be empty

  • "Edit" and "Edit Configurations" are we have in Rever Admin


  • Some bugs fixing in the Quick Actions links

  • Pagination on the Stream fixes

  • In the filters when you select any option should remain on the same position level

  • The web notifications are working well now

  • We improve the filters at the Stream

  • Improvements in Academy videos



  • Stream Home: Adjust Stream in Mobile to show Revs in the Site of the user or the Revs where the user collaborates or owns.

  • The profile picture is showing in Mobile

  • Challenges notifications: Now, you can open the notifications of comments in Challenges from your mobile device

  • Categories are required to Relate/Plan

  • User finder is now enabled to find them by job position

  • Standardize: Category always show in the first stage

  • Parent Attributes are visible in a new column on the Global Report (Improvement Idea report)

  • If a Coach or Financial Coach wants to validate a Rev, now can be close normally.

  • Validations: Now, Coaches are not able to validate Revs until the Rev it’s implemented.


  • Some grammatical mistakes fixed

  • Match labels between Rev cards and Rev views

  • Improvement Idea report: Columns "Has this Rev been Implemented?" and "Idea Status" have correct results.

  • Some Fixes on the default language

  • Terms&Conditions Pop-up remains permanent until to be accepted

April 2020



  • Search bar: When you use the "Search Bar," you can see columns for Revs, Users, and Challenges; now, it has its separate "Loading" image.

  • Problem Solving: Adjusted copy in the list of Root Cause Type in Problem Solving.

  • Problem Solving comments: Comments are now available in “Problem Solving”

  • Problem Solving: The copy “Why” has been changed to “Root Cause Analysis”

  • Team Collaborators in Revs: If you want to add any team member from other Sites to your Rev, now it’s possible.

  • Auth0 Login: New authentication access available for companies that want to use this service. Like local access, Microsoft Azure, and Google, now Auth0 is up and running.

  • Self-Serve / Ignite V0: The Self-Serve / Ignite program is ready and running in production: Essentials, Business, Enterprise.


  • Quick Actions: Improvements in Quick Actions.

  • Stream improvements: Pagination and selectors.

  • Improvement Ideas Revs: Creation improvements

  • Rever admin Improvements

  • Log in: "Enter email" to Email / Username



  • Quick Action: Share option available in Quick Action

  • Quick Action: Comments are now available in Quick Actions

  • Discards Changes Alert is not showing in iOS

  • Improvements from backend for Keyboard is not displaying automatically when creating or editing a Rev


March 2020



  • Challenges: All users can create Quick Action and Improvement Idea Revs from a Challenge.

  • Quick Actions suggest: All Quick Action Revs can be suggested to other Sites in the organization.

  • Quick Action Offline functionality: Quick action Offline mode is now available in mobile devices.


  • If you are in a Rev as a collaborator you can edit the Rev.

  • Login through Microsoft Active Directory: Users who have Azure Active Directory (Microsoft) can log in directly.



  • Quick Action Revs Now Available on the web.

  • Problem Solving Attachments: As in Improvement Idea, now attachments are available for Problem Solving Revs.


  • Some fixed bugs for Rever admins.

  • Filters on the Stream are working well.

  • Validations for Coaches are fixed.

  • Some bugs fixed from backend: Organization edits and information shown in the downloadable reports.

  • Setting up the profile improvements: If the users want to edit their profile, a password should be required.

  • Confirmation message if you leave the page during the creation of Problem solving and Improvement Ideas.

February 2020



Problem Solving:

  • Now, regular Users can create Problem Solving Revs.

  • When a user marks a Problem Solving Rev as “Not completed” the status changes to in progress. The button changes to a switch instead of a regular button.

  • Problem Solving and Quick Action Revs will be allowed to be added to a Challenge.

  • New Idea Cross-Pollination feature is available and active: Rever will Generate a monthly ICP report to users for each site and deliver it through email.

  • Problem Solving Rev Print: Now all Problem Solving can be shown in a print version.

Some fixed bugs

  • Some improvements on the translations

  • Some improvements on the text of the platform

  • Activity Board is showing the correct results

  • Reports: We have Revs with “Failed” condition, which will be all standardized to “Learned”. Also, the state “Finished”, will be all standardized to “Review”. In the reports, the column “Rev State” will change to “Rev status.”

  • Rev creation: Improvements on the list of Coaches for each Site.

  • Notifications improvements.



  • New option "Who solved this problem?" (a member of the team) for Quick Action Revs in the "After section"

  • Tags can be added from the about section or the Before section of a Quick Action.

Some fixed bugs

  • Improvements in the offline mode for mobile devices

  • Challenges: The user should only see challenges from his site but currently, he can see from different sites.

  • Notifications: Currently, the notifications in mobile go to the Rev but not to the comments section of the Rev.

  • Log out process: User should log out successfully if the user decides not to share analytics.

  • General improvements in loading images.

January 2020



  • New Excel Problem Solving Report: Problem Solving report is now available in the Dashboard.

  • Problem Solving Gamification: Now, Problem Solving Rev gives you points.º

  • Filters: Any filter on the platform is ordered alphabetically (Organizations, Countries, and Sites). Also, all filters should work correctly.

  • Validations: Coaches can validate their Revs

  • Now, In the Stream if you want to filter Revs with attributes of area + other or area + product you can (different types of attributes) get results with those specifics.

  • Dashboard: Update “Defect Reduction” to “Waste” in the spider chart.

  • Improvement Idea Rev: The Expand phase is saved the correct answers from users. Also, the labels on the Revs are correct.

  • Coaches: Coaches can only be as a Coach in a Rev once selected.

  • The cancel button in Delete Rev Modal is working now.

Some fixed bugs

  • Challenges: All available Objectives should be on the list

  • Google registration access is working great.


Some fixed bugs

  • Champions: Admins can create Challenges in their organization correctly.

  • Coach: If a Coach creates a Rev, should be allowed to create it without any other Coach.

  • Team members on a Rev: Now, when you add a Coach or user in a Rev, the default list should be people in your Site.

  • Uploaded photos are working correctly once taken.

December 2019



  • New Quick Action Rev for Mobile devices: Welcome to Rever Quick Actions! The goal of Quick Action is to provide shorter workflows to quickly arrive at a solution.
    In those cases, when you face a situation that is "out of standard" or simply broken, Quick Action allows you to simply capture the current situation and then the fixed situation. Fast, easy, done.

How does it help organizations?
Quick Action Revs helps to strengthen standard operating procedures and provides insights into the frequency of each occurrence.​

  • New six languages available for the platform

Some fixed bugs

  • Currency fields are working correctly

  • Coaches appear only on the Coach Section in the team member of the Rev

  • Gender selection is working correctly

  • Localization tags are working for "My profile"

  • All news Revs are showing at the Stream

  • Changes made on your localization tags get Revs from the Newly saved changes



  • New Problem Solving Rev releases for Coaches and Champions (Only on the Web): It is a Rev that allows you to make a clear definition of the problem, to analyze the potential root causes, and address them with both corrective and preventive actions.

  • Weekly Activity Summary: As a Rever user, you will receive a weekly email with a summary of your activity within Rever.

  • Login New Image on the web: We change the image for a new fresh and friendly appearance.

  • Validations available only for Improvement Idea

  • New downloadable report for Quick Action Revs in Dashboard (Excel format)

Some fixed bugs

  • Changes in Site attributes of a Rev is now working properly

  • Translation in rev cards of a challenges view is correct

  • Cancel button in a Rev creation is working correctly

  • Validations sections for Coaches is showing all pending Revs for validation

  • “Like” for Revs is working fine

  • The site admin role is working correctly

  • Private Revs option has been removed, now all Revs should be public.

  • Now, you can attach files larger than 3 MB in any Rev

  • Select all in filters

November 2019


Notes: When a user is adding/editing a note, now the user has a limit of 5K characters and a counter updating on typing.

Validations: A new way to see and validate Revs from the web. This New Validation section is available for Admins and Coaches on their profile section named "Validation".



  • Inside and Push notifications are loaded correctly


  • Pictures of Revs are loaded correctly

  • When a Rev has been marked as "Learned" should be allowed to continue with the rest of the fields

  • The option of “Share“ of a Rev is available from the card of the Rev at the Stream.

  • Reimplement from similar revs is working correctly.

Personal attributes:

  • Change localization attribute has been fixed


  • Coaches should be able to see Revs where they are added as Coaches

  • Validations are saved correctly

  • When a user only can validate financially and is on validations and opens the filter then the user can view only financial validations filters.


  • Create Challenges with any category should be created correctly

  • Challenges should be created with Org. name, BU, and the Site of the creator.

  • Buttons in the selector of Country and Site during Challenge Creation is working fine


  • New options preferences (Add email & weekly report) added since the first login.

October 2019


User Profile: Now, the total number of the Revs you have is showing the correct results in your profile. Also, you can select your gender option correctly.

Also, every change you make to your profile, it's saved correctly.

Other Users Profile: When a user is on the Stream or in a Rev and taps on owner information, then the user can view the owner profile.

Revs Categories: “New product” has been added as a new category for Revs.

Challenges: When a Coach was on create a challenge and wants to cancel it, the app crashes, it should go back to the previous screen; Now fixed.

Images: We optimize the loading of images when uploading or taking a photo.

Challenges: Allow the unselecting option of Challenges in “About this Rev.”

Now, if you want to remove a Challenge already selected, you can do it more manageable.

Languages: The French language is now integrated into this new version.


Revs: The option “Make this Rev invisible” is gone. This option is no longer available in the creation of the Rev. Now all Revs are visible to the entire organization.

The notes are back, any user can add notes within the rev.

Also, Coaches can create any Rev without a Coach if they want.

Stream: Clicking on a Rev in the global search results leads to an empty page.

Now is correct; you can search any Rev and goes to the right page.

Stream is working fine when you log into Rever; the Stream is filtering all the Revs of the site you belong.

September 2019

Welcome to the new version 3.0 of Rever (New launch of Rever 3.0)

We introduce and launch an intuitive user interface, easier, better guide flows, improved and automated processes, and much more.

These are some of the most outstanding changes you’ll see:

  • Select your team: You will have a better experience when choosing your team in the creation of your Rev. By clicking on "Add team", a menu will be displayed with two sections: one to select your Coach and another to choose the members that will help you with your idea.

  • Improved filters: Now, you can filter and/or sort your Revs and Challenges more efficiently.

  • Validations section for Coaches: Coaches or Financial Coaches now have access to a ‘Validation’ section where they can view validated Revs or pending validations.

  • My Revs: You will be able to view all your Revs on your profile.

  • Rev Information: When selecting a Rev, you will find different options in the main menu: About, Reimplement, Share, Comments, and Notes in the same place.

  • Location + Tags: Attributes have been divided into two sections: one for location (Country and Site) and another for Tags (Areas, Products and Others). You can find them in your profile.

  • A new view on the web for the Rev creation.

Challenges changes (Made on Old Rever version 2.0 before the New version 3.0)

  • Share Challenge by any User. If any User wants to share a Challenge with other colleagues of the company, they can do it, very similar to Share Revs (The User will receive an inside and email notification)

  • Comments in Challenges are now available for all Users. We know that comments can be valuable in any Challenge such as on the Revs, now is available for all; one important thing to mention is that BU, Org, and Site Admins can delete any comment.

August 2019

Challenges: We improve the experience in the creation of Challenges, a more straightforward way, and a better image that will facilitate its creation. Now the Challenges section maintains the same format as Stream; we include the creation button in the upper right, when clicking it will open the options of the challenges, each category has a different color and image design that will identify it.

MultiCountry and MultiSites in Challenges: Champions and Coaches have the ability to create and edit challenges for MultiCountries and MultiSites. 

Weekly Activity Summary: It is a friendly email that the user will receive every Tuesday morning with all the relevant information in Rever.

July 2019

Coach Load Balance: Coaches have a crucial role within your organization; they are the ones who follow up, support and advise users in the execution of their Revs. It is now possible to define a maximum number of Revs in which they can participate, to help balance their workload.

Plant Site Specific Currency: Now it is possible to specify a currency for each plant. This is important for organizations that have plants in different countries, you can now choose to quantify your economic impacts according to the local currency. If your organization has more than one site and the currency is different, contact us.

Financial Validation of the Revs: Revs that generate economic value for the organization can now be validated by Financial Coaches. Financial Coaches are specifically identified within the system and are typically a financial or accounting role within an organization.

PDCA: The PDCA cycle, like the Rever cycle, will allow your organization to carry out the capture of ideas, through a flow that facilitates their development to turn them into actions.

Filters in Stream: Select attributes it’s easier now, you can select more that one attribute to obtain your specific results. Select and combine Area, Product, and others.  
Print Rev Improvements: Visual changes have been made in the Print Rev. 

Reports: A new column “Is Financially Validated?“ in the Global Report (Revs) has been added.

June 2019

Pending Users: Users that have not yet logged to Rever can participate in ideas, promoting the collaboration. 

Share Revs. Improvements can now be shared with other users in your organizations. (Available in Web, coming soon to mobile)

Global Stream. Filters now allow the selection of Multiple Business Units and Countries so global companies can have overall visibility. 

Create Revs without a Coach: Coaches, BU, Site, and Org Admins can create Revs without a Coach. 

Deleted Revs Notifications: If a Rev has been deleted by a Coach or a Champion, the creator will receive an email notification.

Email Notifications Improvements: All email notifications have been updated, new design, and content.

Notification "Rev Not Implemented": When a Coach marked a Rev as Not Implemented, the user will receive a push notification. 

May 2019

Validate implemented revs as a Coach: Coaches are available now to validate all the implement Revs where they participated.

Highlight Revs: Now, the Coaches can Highlight the most relevant Revs.

Labels of Revs has been changed: The colors of the labels of the Rev status (In Progress, Ready to Implement, Implemented, Learned) has been changed. 

Print a Rev: The design of Print a rev has been changed, more friendly. 

Filters by highlight and validate Revs: You can filter Revs by Highlight and Validate. Also, You can select the entire BU and go directly to filters as areas, without choosing a Site.

Implemented Revs in Dashboard: The total number of implemented Revs as per the filter you already selected is showing a result no matter the creation date, only the performed date. 

Parent Attributes in filters: Now Parent Attributes are visible with all attributes (Parent and child).

New Status "Created" New users: The status of people section we have is "Joined," "pending" and "created," this new status will show you all the users as the first status. When you add a new user will appear as "created." You can filter by each state to get specific results. 

French and Portuguese Language: Available in Web and mobile. 

April 2019

Global attributes "Select all". A new filter inside of global attributes has been implemented to select all options where applicable.  

People section. Now this section shows in the profile menu. Here you can find and manage your users and add new members. Available for Coaches, Champions and administrators

Stream global attributes search. Now you can filter by "Implemented Date" & "Created Date" on the global attribute search.

Date format at "Dashboard" - "Revs by Status." If you select "All time" now the date shows a month and year. i. e. "Jan/2019"

Date format on Revs. Now the Revs on "Stream". The creation date is by month and day. 

Rever Academy. The Rever Academy is a new section that will allow you to know and review topics about the implementation of Rever in your organization, as well as the basic concepts, through videos always available with clear and informative information.

March 2019

Coaches can be Collaborators in Revs. If you want to add a coach to a Rev but as Collaborator now you can do it. All Coaches are available as Coach or Collaborator for your Revs. 

Rev Condition. When a user is selected in the "People" section and go to his or her profile, you will find a "Rev condition" view.  

Sort by. New filter "By sort" has been implemented at Stream to filter specific results.

Challenges. The "global attributes" has been implemented during the creation of challenges, now you can select the attributes for the Challenge.

Rev View. The "global attributes" has been implemented Inside of the Revs, there are all the attributes selectable for changing. 

A Coach can add new users. Coaches now can add new users to Rever.

February 2019

Notifications of deleted Revs. If a Rev was removed, all the team involved will be notified by email, web alerts, and push notifications.

January 2019

New Tag Structure. We create a new organizational structure within Rever, where all the Users, Revs, and Challenges have been classified under attributes within each business unit, country, site, and areas, in order to maintain a better visualization and functionality.
We create a new organizational structure within Rever, where all the Users, Revs, and Challenges have been classified under attributes within each business unit, country, site, and areas, to maintain a better visualization and functionality. 

New search bar. We have a new search bar with better features that gets clearer resulted by Revs, Users and Challenges. If the data you are looking for has results, it is thrown into each of these options. Available in Stream, Users and Challenges section.

August 2018

Radar chart. Now the radar chart shows the Quality Improvement field for clarity. (Earlier it said Defect Reduction)

Excel reports. The reports that can be downloaded from the Dashboard are now in an excel format that will facilitate reading.

July 2018

Filters by impact. Now you can filter by type of effect. If you want to identify ideas that impact security, savings, or any category, you can do it.

 Mobile Improvements. We have fixed problems detected with the mobile App with user images, first login data, and private ideas that were not loaded.

June 2018

Date of implementation. The ideas will have 3 date records: The creation, the Implementation, and the Closing. The implementation date is recorded at the time the answer is clicked Yes to the question: Has your idea been implemented?

Stream: See all or relevant Ideas. We have added two new filters to the Ideas List. If you select View all, you will see all the ideas generated in your organization.  IIf you choose Relevant Ideas for me, it will show you those ideas generated in the same area as you.

Likes. Now in the Stream you can see who has given Like to each idea.

Rev separated by phases. Now on the Website you can easily identify each stage within an idea.

Create Challenge. Now when you create a challenge, the screen will change to the left side, we will allow the Challenge has been created successfully.

Notifications. We have fixed bugs that existed in Notifications and that prevented them from working correctly. We continue working on an existing problem to enable push notifications (those that come out when your phone is blocked), we will keep you informed.

Activity board with own URL. Now when you select labels or tags on the activity board, a link is created that you can save it and always show the board with specific labels. It works great for screens

Errors in indicators. We have corrected some texts and graphics that were incorrect in the indexes.

Permissions in App. We have solved the problems reported in the Mobile Application that generated closure of the application. We recommend you read this article to know more. 

May 2018

Ideas ready to implement. Now in App and Web in the review stage, if your idea has not been implemented, you can explain what you need so that it can be a reality. This will help your coach and supervisor of continuous improvement to be facilitators for you.

Job position in lists.  Now on the Web, when you see the lists of collaborators, you will be able to know what area they are and what their role is, this will facilitate the selection of your team.

See who gives like. For now only available on the Web, you can see who has given Like to your ideas, as well as view the comments.

April 2018

Home. We have created a central section in App where you can see the ongoing challenges and your score within Rever. From here you can start a new Rev.

Notifications. We have notifications in the App and Web, and we also have solved reported problems. We are working on the next version, wait for it soon!

Downloadable reports. If you are a coach, on the Web, you can download reports from the Dashboard section.

Search improvements. We have fixed problems reported with the search so now you must have a better experience.

New sections Indicators. We have added further information in indicators, and we have separated it into 3 sections:  Revs, Economic impact and Users, we invite you to know them!

Photos in comments. Now the picture of who made a comment is shown.

Themes. Now Web will show the logos of your company as well as a new color theme.

Stream filters. We have changed the design of our filters in the List of Ideas, we hope you will facilitate the use in search of your Revs.

Filters by tags. Available for coaches. In WWeb you can now filter in the people section by tags. Remember that if you put more than one label in the filter, only the users that have ALL the labels will be displayed.

Block users. Available for Admin. We have enabled in the People section the switch to block a user who is no longer part of the company.

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