Attributes and Tags are used to help organize your users into virtual teams. Typically Attributes and Tags closely follow a typical organization structure. Attributes (Tags) are more flexible than a typical organization structure as users and Revs can have multiple Attributes (Tags) assigned to themselves.

At Rever, we classify Attributes (Tags) as follows:

  • Location Attributes (Business Unit, Country and Site)

  • Area Attributes (Areas, Product or Other)

Attributes facilitate the filtering of Revs, Challenges, and users that are tagged to a specific area.

In your profile, you can find your Attributes and also edit them. By default, each Rev assumes the Attributes (Tags) of the Rev author, however, these can be easily adjusted within each Rev.

Mobile Access: To edit your personal Attributes (Tags) on the mobile version, simply click on your profile as show below.

Web Access: To access your Attributes (Tags) in Rever's web platform, click on your profile and then proceed to click on "Edit Profile" button on the left hand side of your screen. You will be directed to your Personal Information, where you can adjust your preferences.

Select Profile within Rever's web platform.

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