During the validation process, click on the Highlight button: "This Rev is outstanding for the company". It will show the Rev with a star icon so that the rest of the company identifies the Rev as recognized.

Some of the Revs may be outstanding for your organization, and you need to identify them as such.


  • Go to the Validations section in Home or click on the main menu

  • Select the Rev you want to validate first and mark it as Highlight


  • Open the implemented Rev

  • Click on the main menu

  • Start the validation first by clicking on the "Validate" box

  • Done, the Rev has been Validated

  • Now, "Highlight" the Rev

Validation Section on the Web

  1. Go to your profile

  2. Select Validations

  3. You will find a list with all the Revs to validate and those that have already been Validated

  4. Identify the Rev you want to validate first and tap "Validate"

  5. Validate the Rev and close

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