1. Total Revs: This is the sum of all the Revs created.
  2. Number of implemented Revs: This is the sum of all implemented Revs. 
  3. Accumulated Revs: This graph allows you to know the accumulation of ideas implemented historically. If you want to see the exact data in a point, bring the mouse to the line.
  4. Revs by status: This graph allows you to compare the progress in ideas that have already been implemented and ideas that have not yet come true. It is not cumulative, so you can identify at what moments you have had the most creation of ideas.
  5. Total Rev by Impact Type: Distribution of revs according to their impact on:-Reduction of Defects-Costs reduction-Improved Security-Improvement in Capacity-New products-New revenue-Sustainability-Other.
  6. Revs with greatest points. The 5 ideas with the highest score.
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