If you want to add a user to your Rev that is not a current Rever user, you can invite them to participate.

All the inactive Users on the list are already created, but they still no access to Rever.

To appear as active, they must access.


  1. When creating a Rev and select Users for your team, you can select an inactive or pending User. *it will show you a message letting you know that the selected user is not a current user, but their account is already created.

  2. Once the Rev is created, you have the option to modify your device if you wish, inactive users will appear as in the image above.


In the mobile version, inactive users will be marked with a yellow circle, as follows:

You can continue to add users even if they do not currently have a Rever login. Invite them to join and participate in your idea so that it can be successful. Or you can select another active user. 

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