Rever Updates!

We have some new changes to improve your experience in the creation of your ideas.

1. Now you can add users that do not currently have logins. 

Add your colleagues to your ideas, even if they are not current Rever users, to encourage their participation within the app and the web version.

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Inactive Users

2. Share your Rev with other users across plants.

If you believe that your Rev is a great idea, you can now share it with others!! You can now access this feature within the web version.

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Share your Revs

3. Now you can add attachments to your Revs.

Adding attachments to Revs is now possible within the Rever web version.

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Add attachments

4. Additional improvements within the app include: 

Swipe and change between stages of Rev easily, by swiping left and right.   

Activate the camera whenever you want.

Select Benefits and Economic Impacts within the same screen by simply scrolling up and down.

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Improvements in the app

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