If your organization is based on a type of currency and wants to activate a different currency for the Sites, you can do it.

How to activate it?

If you are Champion in a site and want a local currency, contact your Customer Success Manager, notifying the type of currency and the exchange rate in which the Site will be registered.

Where does the type of currency impact?

The type of currency defines the economic impacts that your Site will have, that is, all the Revs that have this type of savings will be registered in the currency with which the Site is activated.

Example: If the currency of the Organization is USD and one of the Site s is in MXN, when capturing the economic impacts of the Rev will be recorded in MXN.

Note: Once you activate the currency for the Site, the Revs from that moment will be registered under the new currency, the Revs before this currency will remain as they were.


Economic Impacts in a Rev on the Web.

Mobile Devices

Impactos económicos capturados en Revs desde la app móvil.

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