Coaches have a crucial role within your organization; they are the ones who follow up, support, and advise users in the execution of their Revs. This can become overwhelming.

In order to balance the workload of Coaches, you can limit the number of Revs a Coach can participate in at one time. This function is optional and is activated by Site.

Contact your Customer Success Manager with the desired Rev Limit and target Site(s) to implement a Coach Rev Limit.

Some additional information about load balance for Coaches:

  • You can define a specific number of Revs in which the Coach can participate.

  • The number is based on Revs with the status: "In progress."

  • Once an "In Progress" Rev is completed or closed, that space is released.


When creating a Rev, the user will see the available Coaches with a number as an indicator, and those who have already reached their maximum number will appear in red.


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