Welcome to the new version 3.0 of Rever

October 2019

We introduce an intuitive user interface, easier, better guide flows, improved and automated processes, and much more. 

These are some of the most outstanding changes you’ll see:

Select your team: You will have a better experience when choosing your team in the creation of your Rev. By clicking on "Add team", a menu will be displayed with two sections: one to select your Coach and another to choose the members that will help you with your idea.

Improved filters: Now, you can filter and/or sort your Revs and Challenges more efficiently.

Validations section for Coaches: Coaches or Financial Coaches now have access to a ‘Validation’ section where they can view validated Revs or pending validations.

My Revs: You will be able to view all your Revs on your profile.

Rev Information: When selecting a Rev, you will find different options in the main menu: About, Reimplement, Share, Comments, and Notes in the same place.

Location + Tags: Attributes have been divided into two sections: one for location (Country and Site) and another for Tags (Areas, Products and Others). You can find them in your profile.

A new view on the web for the Rev creation.

Welcome to the new version of Rever!

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