In the following video, you will learn how to create a Quick Action, remember that this kind of Revs allows us to deliver solutions in an immediate way when one of our processes is out of its standards.
It helps us to strengthen our standard procedures and provides insights about the recurrence of the problems.


The creation of a Quick Action consists of 3 stages:


       Define the problem.


       Document the solution


       Check the impacts and benefits we have obtained.


  • Click on "+" and select "Quick Action."
  • Place a description of the problem you are capturing, take a picture, or upload an image that identifies what is happening.
  • Now, briefly describe the problem, then choose the category to which it belongs.


  • It's time to capture the actions or facts you did to carry out your idea, upload an image of the experiment and solution; and choose if this situation can happen in other areas.
  • Click on "Complete Rev," a greeting window will appear, and now you are ready to go to "Review."


  • It's time to fill the impacts and benefits of your Rev; In order to do so, it's necessary to answer some questions about the cost of reduction, the investment made in this correction, how the impact was calculated and how this action benefits the company.
  • Done, Congratulations!
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