When capturing a Correction Rev you get points, these depend on the progress of your idea. Remember that any Correction Rev in which you participate, whether as an Author, Coach or Contributor, helps you earn points.

In the creation of the Correction you can get up to 30 points if all the options have been completed.

Before. 9 points

  • Add description on what is the problem 1 point
  • What is the type of problem? 5 points
  • Add a photo 3 points

After. 13 points

  • What did you do? 5 points
  • Could this situation happen elsewhere? 5 points
  • Add experiment photo 3 points

Review. 8 points

  • What is the cost reduction? 1 point
  • What is the investment? 1 point
  • How did you estimate the benefits? 1 point
  • How will this benefit the company? 5 points

Like. 1 point 

With every like, your Rev gets 1 point.

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