Stages and Definitions

  1. In the Stream click on "Create"

    2. Tap "Problem Solving"

3. Add your team before completing the first stage.

4. First stage, Definition

Define: Define the problem by selecting the most critical and impactful opportunities for improvement. You can add pictures and use our 5W2H and Gap Analysis tools which help you find loose ends in your process.

5W2H Tool

Gap Analysis tool

5. Measure: Quantify the problem by developing a data collection plan and identifying the processes and output metrics. Also, you can upload your file as additional material.

6. Second stage, Analysis

Analyse: Identify all the root causes of variation and poor performance that could explain why the problem occurred.

Identify up to 4 root causes of the problem and describe them. If you captured some Gaps, you could use them to identify them quickly by clicking on "View identified Gaps."

7. Third stage, Solutions

Improve: Describe the corrective actions to find a solution to all the root causes identified.

You can add evidence with a photograph to compliment your stage.

8. Control: Verify that the corrective action solves the problem and prevents the issue repeats in the future.

Did the corrective action solve the root cause?

9. If everything is finished, don't forget to mark your Rev as completed.

10. Last stage, Review

Capture the benefits and economic impacts that this Rev generated.

¡Congratulations! You have completed your Problem Solving Rev.

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