When capturing a Problem Solving Rev you get points, depending on the progress of your idea. Remember, your participation on Revs an Author, Coach or Collaborator, helps you earn points.

In a Resolution, you can get up to 190 points if all options have been completed.

Definition 19 points

Define and Measure

  • Add descriptions: "Problem Statement, Containment Plan,
    Goal Statement, Business Case, and Data Collection Description" 10 points
  • Add photo: Problem Statement 3 points
  • Add photo: Containment Plan 3 points
  • Add "Categories" 3 points

Analysis 50 points.


  • Add one or up to 3 root causes 50 points

Solutions 106 points

Improve and Control

  • Attach evidence of the corrective action 6 points
  • Mark the Problem Solving as Completed 100 points

Review. 15 points

  • Add "What's the cost of this problem?" 5 points
  • Add "What's the investment to solve it?" 5 points
  • Add "How are you calculating the impact?" 5 points
  • Add "Categories" and get 3 points (Already located at the first stage Definition)

Like. 1 point 

With every like, your Rev gets 1 point.

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