Quick Action - Safety

If you want to capture fast Revs with quick solutions, do it with a Quick Action.

Learn how you can capture Security Risks in a Quick Action Rev.

Many times we have security situations within our work area; this is an example:

What's the problem?
Solvents are causing nausea to the operators.

What can I do?
Use masks and monitor the machine from a greater distance.

To capture it, follow these simple steps that will help you with your idea:

  1. Access Rever from your mobile device and click on "Quick Action."
  2. Write the problem: i.e., "Solvents from the printing process are causing nausea and irritation to the operators."
  3. Please take a picture of the environment where the problem is.
  4. In the "Before" Stage, describes the situation with more details.
  5. The next stage, "After," will help you define what you did to solve it.
  6. Finally, you can optionally calculate the benefits and economic impacts generated and ready.

Note: Remember, you can download a report of all Quick Action Revs directly from the Dashboard.

If you have questions, contact us, we will love to hear from you.

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