The following list of domains and addresses need to be whitelisted in order for Rever to work at full capacity. The list includes addresses for our platform, our support system, analytics we use to improve our service, and more.


Our services are hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing Load Balancers front-facing our web services. 

These load balancers are managed by Amazon directly and do not have a static IP address. In other words, the IP address of the load balancers can change at any time so we don’t recommend whitelisting IP addresses. 

Rever’s domains are aliases related to the load balancers created by Amazon. These DNS do not change.

DNS Records

The DNS records that need to be whitelisted are: which redirects to (A Record) which redirects to (A Record)


The domains that need to be whitelisted are:


Both addresses use port TCP/IP 443 y 80 to serve content.

In case you are still unable to access Rever after whitelisting the domains, please whitelist the following WAF related addresses:

  • 2a02:fe80::/29

External Services

Additionally, our platform uses multiple services to provide a better experience to your users, it is recommended that you also whitelist the addresses on the following list, on both ports 80 and 443:


Any questions or support please send an email to

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