1 Log in. Sign in using your company email or using a third party auth service.

If you don't have one, you can log in with: #employee@mycompany.com
Also, your Coach can help you log in.

2. Create Rev. Click on the orange "+" button.

3. Take a photo. Give your idea a tittle and take a photo.
You can edit your photos with emojis, text, or highlight any part of the image.

4. Choose your team. Click and select the team that will participate in your Rev.

5. Select. Select a Coach (required) that will be your guide and up to five employees (optional).

6. Plan. Describe the problem, explain your Rev, and what are your expected results.

7. Do. Create an easy experiment or test of your idea with a few resources that are available to you. Take a picture, you can draw it.

8. Check. Take a picture of the results of your experiment.
Indicate whether your experiment was successful by selecting "Yes" or "No".

9. Adjust. Describe the permanent solution of your idea, add a photo.
Indicate if it has been implemented.

10. Review. It is time to evaluate the benefits and economic impacts of your idea.

11. Review. Fill-in the fields with the results you obtained.

12. Final step. You did it! Congratulations.
Now it's time for you Coach to validate the implementation of your Rev.

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