1. I can’t create Revs when I’m Offline

The offline mode works best with single Revs (Improvement Idea) created

Currently, the offline mode works correctly if you create a single Improvement Idea Rev.

You can try: 

In Offline mode, avoid the creation of multiple Revs.

Quick Action Revs are not supported in the offline mode yet

We are working on adding the creation of Quick Action Revs to the Offline mode.

You can try:
Make sure you have an adequate internet connection when creating a Quick Action Rev.

2. I’m online and I can’t create my Rev

Fluctuant internet connection.

Sometimes the internet connection is low and it might cause problems during activities as downloading or uploading content.

You can try:

  • Search for a stable wi-fi connection and try to create your Rev again.
  •  Enable the mobile data on your phone during the creation of your Rev.
  • Disable any connection and create your Improvement idea offline.

Don’t forget to contact Support if you require further help. Just send us a message or email us at support@reverscore.com. We’ll be glad to help you.

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