1. The Download button keeps loading, and I never receive the report.

Your Organization has multiple Business Units/Sites and/or a great amount of Revs created.

If your Organization has a complex structure or a high quantity of created content, It takes a long time to recover all the information and deliver a report. We are working on correcting this problem.

You can try:

  • Filter a more specific scope for the report. Try selecting a single Site and download the Report. It may require you to download a couple of reports and join them in other software.
  • Narrow the period that covers the data you want to download. If you are looking for an All-time report, try downloading a current year and last year’s report. You may require to join them in other software.

Don’t forget to contact Support if you require further help. Just send us a message or email us at support@reverscore.com. We’ll be glad to help you.

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