1. The name I’m looking for doesn’t correspond with anyone of the enlisted

You don’t recognize someone who has changed his name or a new user hasn’t established his correct personal info

You can try:
Find out the exact name or the mail registered of the user you are looking for. You can either ask the person himself.  Try typing in the search box the name or email provided.

2. I changed my Site in Offline mode (mobile)

When you are working in Offline, the platform cannot download the required information of the newly assigned Site.

When changing your Site in online mode, all the data from collaborators and Revs of the modified Site will load quickly. However, offline all your preloaded data will remain the same until you connect again.

You can try:
Wait until you can connect to a stable connection. All collaborators and coaches listed will be replaced by those of the site you changed.

Don’t forget to contact Support if you require further help. Just send us a message or email us at support@reverscore.com. We’ll be glad to help you

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