In this video, you will learn how to create a Quick Action in our app:

A Quick Action consists of 3 stages:


       Define the problem.


       Document the solution.


       Check the impacts and benefits.


  • Click on "+" and select "Quick Action."
  • Explain the problem, take a picture, or upload an image relevant to the issue.
  • Now, briefly describe the problem. Choose the category to which it belongs.


  • It's time to capture the actions used to carry out your idea. Upload an image of the experiment and solution. Identify if this situation can happen in other areas.
  • Click on "Complete Rev" and a greeting window will appear,. You are ready to move to the "Review" stage.


  • It's time to fill the impacts and benefits of your Rev. To do so, you must answer questions about the cost of reduction, the investment made , how the impact was calculated and how this action benefits the company.
  • You're all done! Congratulations!
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