While creating a Quick Action, we need to choose a type of situation for it. We have four options:

  • 5S’s
  • Security hazard 
  • Equipment abnormalities
  • Lesson Learned


Choose 5S’s when it is concerns making work area more efficient, effective, and safer to achieve greater productivity. For example, if the materials are out of their place, we can’t find them and this makes us waste time.

You can choose from the options: 

1. Sort -Identify and choose to keep only the essential materials for doing work.

2. Set in Order - Find the best place for each thing in order to increase effectiveness and eliminate possible risks.

3. Shine - Inspect to identify and eliminate sources of contamination and establish a cleaning program. 

4. Standardized - To establish procedures for maintaining order and cleanliness to ensure safe working conditions.

5. Sustain - Make a commitment on the previous steps in order to maintain the standard.

Security Hazard

Select Security Hazard when your Quick Action is about a potential source of harm or danger, such as unsafe work conditions like slipping hazards. Then, choose the severity: minor, normal or critical.

Equipment Abnormalities

If you are familiar with TPM, this list is for you. Choose from:

  • Minor defects like contamination (ie: dust or slackness on chains)
  • Unfulfilled basic conditions (ie: damaged oil levels gauges)
  • Inaccessible places (to clean or operate)
  • Sources of contamination (ie: scrap or product leaks)
  • Quality defects (ie: abnormalities in filter mechanisms)
  • Unnecessary equipment (ie: unused machinery)
  • Unsafe condition (ie: cracking floors)

Lesson Learned

Choose this option when you have acquired knowledge worth sharing with your team. 

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