In Rever, you can select your preferred language for the platform. Available for all users on the web or mobile app.

Languages available

  • English (US)

  • Deutsch (Deutschland)

  • Español (México)

  • Français (France)

  • Italiano

  • 日本語 (Japanese)

  • 한국어 (Korean)

  • Português (Portugal)

  • Русский (Russian)

  • Türkçe (Turkish)

  • Українська (Ukrainian)

  • zu (Zulu)

How to select your language?


  1. Access the main menu

  2. Go to "Settings"

  3. Click on "Account"

  4. Select "Language"

  5. Choose your preferred language

  6. Click on "Save"


  1. Go to the main menu

  2. Click on the language icon

  3. Select your preferred language

  4. Done

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