Sometimes the Wi-Fi connectivity is limited inside our sites. In Rever, you can create your Improvement Ideas or Quick Action Revs using our offline mode. Don't stop unleashing your creative potential!

Sign in while you are in an online mood; then, you can create your Rev while being offline. When you go on offline mode, a message will appear letting you know that you are in this mode.

The Rev will be visible to your team when you are online again, and you have synchronized the content. The yellow circle will give you visibility of the loading process of your Rev. If the content is not loaded correctly, a red circle will appear, by clicking on this, you can try to upload your content again.

You must make sure that the content of your Rev is synchronized with the servers before logging out. Otherwise, the information will be lost.

Note: offline mode doesn't support yet likes, comments, shares, notes, profile, and settings. Also, the creation of Challenges and Problem Solving Revs.

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