As an Organization Admin, you can configure the following options by accessing the Organization Settings section in your profile on the Web:


Set the Organization name and the logo (for the Web and Mobile app) that appear on your instance of the Rever platform. You can also select the default language.

Please note, each user can change their default language in their personal accounts.


Access to each Site Settings for their configuration. You can edit the Site name, default language, the currency available, and also, the time zone. Add or edit any objective, categories, and situation types that should be able.

Click here for more details.

If you want to add or delete a Site, please contact support.


Personalize the Categories of your organization, enable or disable options, but remember, if you disable a Category or Situation type, your site administrators will no longer see the Category or Situation Type as an option.

Situation Types

Select all the Situation Types to be able for all the Sites.


Set the default Group filters that your entire organization will be able to see and use when filtering their Revs. If you want to learn more, click here.


Create and manage Teams across your organization, assign a Team Leader to manage the Team, view Revs, Activities, and Impact by Team.

Available only in Web for Administrators (Champions)

  • Go to Settings and select "Teams"

  • Create your Team Name

  • Select one Team Leader

  • Save changes


When you create an organization in Rever, one of the first steps is that the Organization Administrator selects the Global Currency. Changing Global Currency after the initial selection is not possible.

If you are in an Enterprise plan, you can add Multi-Currency and select unique currencies for different sites. Using Multi-Currency will allow your teams to use their local currency while creating a Rev.

When working with Multi-Currency, you can set the exchange rates as needed. To set the exchange rate, you will select the exchange rate as it relates to the selected Global Currency.

For example, if the Global Currency of your organization is in USD, and you want to set the exchange rate for a particular site is using MXN. You need to take the price of 1 unit of the Global currency and convert it into the value of one country's currency in relation to another currency.

e.g. Each US$1 will be exchanged for MXN$21


If your company uses SSO to login to Rever, you can add the domains to access in this section.


Integrate Rever's built-in Webhooks with your internal systems and get the most out of the data generated in your organization. For more information, click here

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