Insights are Rever’s new reporting and data analytics features. The purpose of Insights is to provide our customers with real-time, data-driven information that allows you and your organization to build an operational excellence / lean manufacturing / continuous improvement culture. In order to achieve this, the following components will be integrated into the new performance measures:

  1. Trends. Provide time series data analysis that compares your data to previous time periods to display new and emerging trends within your organization.

  2. Artificial Intelligence. Propose real-time, machine-generated solutions that can be implemented to improve your operations.

  3. Calls to Action. Suggest simple actions to a user to increase the performance of the organization such as reimplementing or validating a Rev, or capturing the financial impact for greater impact.

In other words, Rever insights will allow our users to take small and direct actions that impact performance based on their performance and data results.

What will Insights look like?

There will be a new look and feel to Rever Insights! Below is an example of an Insights report that we will be releasing within the Rever platform to complement the Dashboard functionality.

How will we deliver Insights?

Great question! Over the next three months, we will gradually incorporate Rever Insights reports into the web platform, which will allow you and your team to analyze your performance. The reports will focus on a single topic, providing you with more information than ever before while simplifying the data to help drive action within your business.

This transition to Insights will happen over time, we outlined some of the key next steps in our process.

  • In the first phase (currently), you have access to some basic data that is displaying your live information from the system, similar to the current functionality of Dashboards. At this time, the first phase will not include any artificial intelligence elements in the reporting feature.

An example of the data is displayed in the picture below.

This is a sample of the Insights overview that you will have access to during June.
  • Subsequent phases will incorporate the Artificial Intelligence and Call to Action functionality; after mid-September, we will launch Improvement Idea and Quick Action Insights. We will continue to build out our comprehensive Insights feature.

For any questions or feedback please contact our Product Director, Mariana Salazar (

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